Willem deBeer - Artist Statement

"Opening a window on nature and the astounding beauty with which we are surrounded compels me to put brush to canvas again and again."

"Picture making has, for as long as I can remember, been an obsession with me. The urge to attempt to give a true rendering of whatever subject I have been compelled to draw or paint, has always been part of what I am. Perhaps it can be called a 'built in` compassion or maybe a compelling driving force...

From attempting to, in a very amateur way, capture the intricate beauty of the colour and shapes of the leaves of a rose with pencil crayons while at school, to painting the awesome beauty of a tiger, a grizzly bear or an elk as a professional artist, my compulsion remains the same. The beauty I see and experience has to be mirrored in my work .My greatest passion is to share that moment of beauty which inspires me to put paint on canvas with the viewers of my work."
- Willem deBeer

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Artist Statement Willem deBeer - Artist Statement - Willem deBeer - Artist Statement
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